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Luck (Luc)

Luck represents your character's fortune. Luck affects various rolls of chance, and can grant an Inspiration die at the expenditure of Luck, so the ability is important for all characters. Some creatures, such as animals, and constructs, do not have a Luck score. Their score is 10 for any Luck-based checks. A character with a Luck score of 0 is better off dead. Luck is generated by rolling 4d6, and dropping the lowest, for Heroic PCs you rolls two sets and take the better of the two.


Animals, Constructs, and Magical Beasts do not have a Luck score. Some Undead do not have a Luck score.

Luck Pool

You can use your Luck Die once per long rest. If you have a negative modifier on your Luck score, an enemy that you're fighting may choose to use your bad Luck to aid in his own d20 roll but only to effect you.

Luck Die: Every character that possess a Luck score above or below 10, possesses a luck die, this dice is a d4 for characters between 6 and 14 Luck, or a d6 for characters with 1-5 or 15+ Luck. A luck die stacks with a bard's inspiration dice, as well as the inspiration dice gained from specific birth signs.

When affecting a d20 roll with Luck you roll your Luck Die and add that number to your total.

Example: Fera rolls a 14 on her attack roll to hit a goblin archer, and she needs a 16 to hit the creature, she spends one of her two luck points gaining 1d4 to her total, rolling a 2 and adding it to her roll, she turns her miss into a hit.

Luck - Character Option

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